Best Places To Find Freelance Graphic Design Jobs

Becoming a freelance graphic designer can be one of the most rewarding experiences ever. As a freelancer, you are able to set your own hours, choose the jobs you would like to do, and work virtually anywhere. As freelancing becomes more popular and the appeal of the freelance lifestyle beckons, many designers are choosing to freelance over working a regular nine to five job. Here are some of the best places to find freelance graphic design jobs. is one of the most well known freelancing websites today. It allows businesses and freelancers to come together for the purpose of creating content with relative ease. Elance makes it very easy to set up a profile and share your portfolio with prospective clients. You can browse the site for available jobs and bid on these jobs. The site does offer a free membership where you can bid for jobs a maximum of 15 times. However, you can purchase an upgraded membership where you are able to bid 30, 40, and 60 times. Elance is a great site for those just getting started in freelance design and wanting to build clientele.

Coroflot is a website and job board that specializes in creative jobs for all different fields of work. The site provides a place for graphic designers and other freelancers to create a portfolio and allows a direct link from your profile or portfolio on Coroflot to your personal website portfolio. Therefore, it is a great way to get leads from those simply browsing your work. In addition, the website has a job board with literally hundreds of graphic design jobs with various well-known companies. is a website for those making the switch from a job to the freelancing world. You can view available graphic design freelance job listings on the site as well as talk with other freelancers in the forum. This website is valuable tool for those new to freelancing because you can often find some of the best advice for overcoming objections, hurdles, and other issues through the forum section of the website. It is free to sign up and to contact those hiring for work.

Click on your state to receive information about Schools near you! is another freelancing website where graphic designers can bid on job postings. Unlike, the number of bids you can place on jobs is not limited to 15 bids. In addition, there is nothing additional to purchase on the site as far as memberships. The site does require you to complete and set up a profile for potential employers and this can affect how many bids you are able to make on job postings. Overall, the site is very similar to Elance and can be a secondary source for finding small freelance gigs on the side.

Entering the world of freelance graphic design can be an exciting and freeing experience for many designers. It allows the graphic designer to steer their own path and choose the projects about which they are most passionate. Finding the right freelance job is a matter of posting a compelling portfolio, visiting some of the most popular freelancing job boards, and connecting with those that are hiring.